Why Are There 17 Games This Season?

Why did the NFL increase its schedule to 17 games? Money is the main focus. With a 17-game regular season and a three-game preseason, NFL owners believe they can generate more money and “grow the game,” as Goodell noted in his statement. This is an increase over the previous 16-game regular season and four-game preseason.

Similarly, How does the NFL decide the 17th game?

The new game’s rules are a little convoluted, but in essence they are as follows: The teams are matched up according to the cross-conference division they competed in two years ago. One opponent from that division who placed in the same position in the previous season’s standings will be played by each club.

Also, it is asked, Is the NFL switching to 17 games?

The N.F.L. officially approved the addition of a 17th regular season game on Tuesday, marking the league’s first schedule expansion since 1978. The league’s owners eliminated one preseason game to make place for the additional game, leaving three for each club. On Thursday, September, the new regular season will get underway.

Secondly, When did NFL increase to 17 games?

In order to grow to 17 games, the NFL was required by the Collective Bargaining Agreement beginning March 2020 to first negotiate at least one new media deal. The decision to go to 17 games was made possible by the league’s new media agreement, which was revealed on March 18.

Also, Is NFL playing 17 games in 2021?

The owners’ approval of the addition of a 17th game to the calendar starting in 2021 was the first substantial regular-season schedule adjustment for the NFL since 1978.

People also ask, Can NFL players play all 17 games?

The NFL is permitted to play 17 games as early as this season under the new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that was negotiated and approved last year, provided they have secured at least one new television rights contract, which they have.

Related Questions and Answers

Why are there 18 NFL games this year?

The NFL owners approved a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that was inked the year before back in March. The NFL season increased from 16 to 17 games as a result of this new arrangement. The CBA is in effect until the 2030 campaign.

How many games are in the NFL 2021?

The New York Times: 2021 N.F.L. Schedule Will Include Quarterback Showdowns and a 17-Game Season. N.F.L

Did the NFL add an extra game?

That’s because the NFL’s 2021 season will include a record-breaking 17th game. While some people are excited to see more football on the calendar, the 44-year-old is not pleased.

Why does the NFL want 17 games?

Why did the NFL increase its schedule to 17 games? Money is the main focus. With a 17-game regular season and a three-game preseason, NFL owners believe they can generate more money and “grow the game,” as Goodell noted in his statement. This is an increase over the previous 16-game regular season and four-game preseason.

Do NFL players get paid more for 17 games?

The NFL decided to increase the regular season from 16 to 17 games on March 31 after 42 years of maintaining the same schedule. More games equate to more money, which benefits both the teams and the players.

When did the NFL go to 18 games?

Complete football schedule for the additional week in 2021. The NFL’s 18-week, 17-game schedule will make its debut in the 2021 campaign. The number of games was altered for the first time since 1978 during this season. The NFL increased its season length from 14 to 16 games in 1978.

Will the NFL have 17 games in 2022?

The 17-game slates for all 32 clubs were made official on Thursday night when the NFL unveiled its complete 2022 schedule.

How is the 17th NFL game determined 2022?

NFL foes for 2022 will be announced on Jan. Each club will play 17 regular-season games (plus three preseason games) according to the following formula: Versus its three divisional rivals both at home and away (six games). the four clubs on a rotating, three-year cycle from another division within its conference (four games)

Will 2022 NFL season have 17 games?

Release of the 2022 NFL schedule: Lessons from each team’s 17-game schedule. NFL Media writers analyze what matters most for each club, including must-watch games and key takeaways, now that the entire 2022 NFL regular-season schedule has been made public.

When did the NFL go to 14 games?

Why NFL season is so short?

The brief season achieves two goals. 1) It increases the importance of each game, making losing 1 of 16 games far more detrimental (I admire basketball’s athleticism, but the games don’t have a lot riding on them, so the players sometimes play carefully to prevent injury and weariness.

Does NFL eventually go to 18 games?

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that league ownership circles think a push for an 18-game season is inevitable. The effort hasn’t been scheduled specifically, but given that the players union must approve it, it will probably take many years.

Can NFL go back to 16 games?

The NFL won’t be likely to stop here, as history has shown. Despite its best efforts, the current CBA forces the league to play 17 games over the next ten years: According to reports, an early draft included an option enabling owners to transfer to 18 before the agreement ends in 2031.

How will 17 game schedule work?

With one bye week, each club will play 17 regular-season games. Teams will alternate hosting eight regular season games and two preseason games, or nine regular season games and one preseason game, throughout each season.

How would an 18 game NFL season work?

Organizing the Additional Two Games Everything will be OK by eliminating the two conference games against clubs that placed the same in the standings and adding four games against a second conference division. That totals to 18, so. Each year, the conference divisions would alternate.

How many games in 2022 NFL season?

The NFL has unveiled its 18-week, 272-game regular season schedule for 2022. It begins on Thursday, September 8, in Los Angeles and ends with 16 divisional games in Week 18, two of which will be played on Saturday, January 7, and 14 of which will be played on Sunday, January 8.

Is the NFL expanding to 40 teams?

Louis began to heat up, but it seems that the NFL is contemplating growing to 40 clubs, which would result in the creation of two additional divisions with four teams each. At the top levels of the league, “the discussions about perhaps increasing to 40 teams are occurring,” says NFL Insider Mike Florio.

What did Tom Brady say about the NFL?

Everything, Brady added, “definitely has a price, and the price is what am I losing out on in other areas of my life? “And as you grow older, you encounter things outside of the sport that need the same amount of focus and vigor that football has always required.

When did the NFL switch to 16 games?

What is the lowest salary in the NFL?

Do NFL players get paid if they sit out?

Players who hold out risk being penalized $30,000 per day under the NFL’s new rookie compensation system. Because the club has all the power up until there is a real risk of losing that player, players selected in 2011 who can now negotiate new contracts have a strong disincentive to hold out.

What is Aaron Donald salary?

It’s a three-year contract for a staggering $95 million, according to reports. Donald Trump now receiving a $40 million boost from his previous salary of $55 million for the years 2022 to 2024. It is 100% assured that he will make $65 million in the first two years alone.

Who has the toughest schedule in the NFL 2022?

According to PFF, Kansas City has the most difficult NFL team schedule for 2022. The top five teams are the Patriots, Dolphins, Raiders, and Bills. The fact that all five clubs are from the same two divisions is not a coincidence.

How many footballs are used in an NFL game?

The twelve footballs that the visiting teams may carry are for use as backups on offense. each side provides 24 balls to the games in addition. Eight footballs made by Wilson are provided in their original packaging. The officials get these eight balls once they are delivered straight to the game.

Who has the easiest NFL schedule 2022?

Their divisional opponents have the only three “easier” schedules. The Dallas Cowboys and Washington Commanders have the league’s easiest schedule, while the Philadelphia Eagles have the third-easiest. While attempting to defend their Super Bowl crown, the Los Angeles Rams have the “toughest” schedule.

How does the NFL determine home and away games?

Each club will play both at home and away against the other two teams in its division (six games). the four clubs on a rotating three-year cycle from a different division within its conference (four games). the four clubs in a rotational four-year cycle from a division in the opposing league (four games)

Will NFL Network have games in 2022?

The full schedule of 2022 NFL preseason games, including 22 live games and a rematch of Super Bowl LVI, will exclusively be broadcast on NFL Network.


The “nfl 18-game season format” is the reason for 17 games this season. The NFL has decided to push back the start of their regular season because of the likelihood of a government shutdown.

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