Who Won The All Star Game 2021?

However, it had a familiar vibe towards the end. Team LeBron triumphed once again. LeBron James’ powerful team ended the first half with a dominant surge to set up a 170-150 blowout against Team Durant in the league’s 70th midseason showcase Sunday night, knocking down jumpers from all over the floor.

Similarly, Who won the 2021 All-Star Game Score?

Team LeBron has 170 points, while Team Durant has 150.

Also, it is asked, Who won the All-Star Game 2021 MVP?

Antetokounmpo, Giannis

Secondly, Did Team LeBron win the All-Star Game 2021?

After defeating Team Durant 163-160, Team LeBron is now 5-0 in the All-Star Game.

Also, Which team won the NBA 2021 All-Star Game?

Team LeBron James

People also ask, Did Steph Curry win All-Star MVP?

The Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry was named MVP of the NBA All-Star Game in 2022. Team LeBron defeated Team Durant 163-160 in the 2022 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night in Cleveland, Ohio.

Related Questions and Answers

How many times has Steph Curry won MVP?

He has been voted the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) twice and has won three NBA titles. He is an eight-time NBA All-Star and eight-time All-NBA pick, including four times on the first team.

Who won the dunk contest 2022?

Toppin, Obi

Did Team LeBron win?

Team LeBron won the 71st All-Star Game, beating Team Durant 163-160, thanks to a game-winning shot from none other than LeBron James, who concluded the night with 24 points.

What team is LeBron James on in 2021?


Who is in the Celebrity All-Star Game 2021?

The MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball Game included some of Hollywood’s top personalities, emerging celebrity stars, and MLB and Rockies luminaries in a fun-filled event. JoJo Siwa, The Miz, Quavo, Residente, Noah Beck, DK Metcalf, CC Sabathia, and Larry Walker were among the 2021 contestants.

Who has the most 3-pointers in a game?

In the NBA Finals, Steph Curry owns the all-time and single-game marks for most 3-point attempts and makes. In Game 2 of the 2018 Finals, he established single-game records by shooting 9-for-17 from 3-point range in a 122-103 thrashing of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

How many 3s did Steph Curry make?

How many times has LeBron been an All-Star?

LeBron James is one of just three players with more than 15 All-Star appearances. He is tied for second with Kobe Bryant for the most All-Star Game selections (18), including the 2021-22 edition.

How many points did LeBron score last night?

Analysis and Reaction to LeBron James’ Career-High 61 Point Performance.

Who did Durant pick first?

Durant was adamant about not drafting Harden. Durant chose Gobert with two players remaining on the board, citing that he wanted “size.” As a consequence, Harden was the last pick in the draft and was automatically assigned to James’ team.

Who did LeBron Pick first?

Antetokounmpo, Giannis

How old is Michael Jordan?

59 years old (Febru.) Age of Michael Jordan

What year did Michael Jordan retire?

Is MGK performing at NBA All-Star Game?

Machine Gun Kelly and DJ D-Nice, both from Cleveland, will present Team LeBron and Team Durant for the All-Star Game on Sunday. At halftime of the All-Star Game, the NBA’s 75th anniversary squad will be recognized in a special ceremony.

How many points did Myles Garrett have in All-Star Game?

Garrett, on the other hand, ended with 13 points, eight rebounds, and three dunks, as well as a dunk after the final buzzer. Garrett calculated the sum raised for Waterboys in less than a second, indicating that he was well-versed in his numbers. Garrett responded, “Twenty-one thousand, not bad hauling.”

Who won the dunk and 3 point contest?

Highlights from the NBA All-Star Saturday Night game: Obi Toppin wins the Dunk Contest, while Towns takes home the 3-point title.

Who did Obi Toppin jump?

Millan, Chuck

Who did Obi Toppin dunk over?

Toppin scored a 44 on his first dunk by jumping over Millan and wrapping the ball behind his back before smashing it home in the opening round.

Was Michael Jordan ever in the 3-Point Contest?

Michael Jordan getting ready to compete in the three-point contest. To kick off the most dominant decade in history, the GOAT competed in his first and only three-point contest, making 5-30 shots (16.67 percent) and cementing his reputation as the poorest contender of all time.

Who won the 3pt contest 2021?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) The big guy was the major winner in the three-point battle, according to the latest news from All-Star Saturday.

How much is LeBron James Worth?

a billion dollars

How many points did Steph Curry score last night?

News about the players During Tuesday’s 119-109 defeat to Dallas in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals, Curry had 20 points (7-16 FG, 2-5 3Pt, 4-5 FT), five rebounds, eight assists, and one steal in 33 minutes.

Who is playing in celebrity 2022 NBA?

Nyjah Huston is a professional skateboarder and Olympian. Matt James is a former collegiate football player and the star of ABC’s The Bachelor, which is now in its 25th season. Quavo is a rapper and a four-time All-Star. Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh

How many points did Quavo have in the All-Star Game?

Who is playing in the Celebrity Game 2022?

Justin Bibb (mayor) Anuel AA (rapper) (Mayor of Cleveland) Myles Garrett (singer, songwriter)Kane Brown (Cleveland Browns defensive end) Gibson, Booby (Cleveland Cavaliers legend) Tiffany Haddish is a comedian and actor (comedian, actress and author) Crissa Jackson (rapper)Jack Harlow (recording artist) (Harlem Globetrotters player).


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