What Time Is The Georgia Alabama Game?

The SEC Championship game between Alabama and Georgia is set for 4pm EST on Saturday, December 1st.

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The time of the game

The time of the game is TBD.

The location of the game

The game will be held in Atlanta, Georgia at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. This is the first time the game has been held in Atlanta since 2012, when the Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the LSU Tigers 21-0.

The teams playing

The Georgia Alabama game is a college football game that is played annually between the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama. The game is usually held in early December, and the winner of the game is awarded the Southeastern Conference (SEC) championship.

The history of the game

The annual football game between the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia is one of the most anticipated events of the college football season. The two schools have been playing each other since 1895, and the rivalry is one of the oldest and most storied in college football. The game is traditionally played on the first Saturday in December, and it is always a sell-out.

The rivalry between the teams

The focus of this article is the longstanding rivalry between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide. The two teams have a storied history, with some of the most iconic moments in college football coming from their matchups.

The players to watch

When the Georgia Bulldogs take on the Alabama Crimson Tide, fans will be tuning in to see two of the best college football teams in the country battle it out on the field. But there are also some individual players who are worth watching, whether you’re a fan of either team or just a casual observer. Here are some of the players to keep an eye on during the game.

For the Bulldogs, quarterback Jake Fromm is one of the key players to watch. Fromm has had an impressive season so far, throwing for 2,236 yards and 23 touchdowns. He’ll need to be at his best if Georgia wants to come out on top against Alabama.

On defense, linebacker Monty Rice is someone who could make a difference in the game. Rice leads the Bulldogs in tackles this season, with 78 total. He’ll need to be a force on defense if Georgia wants to stop Alabama’s high-powered offense.

For the Crimson Tide, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is obviously one of the biggest names to watch. Tagovailoa has been one of the best quarterbacks in college football this season, throwing for 3,353 yards and 37 touchdowns. He’s also a dual-threat player who can run when needed; he has rushed for five touchdowns this season. If Alabama is going to win, Tagovailoa will need to have a big game.

Another player to watch on Alabama’s offense is wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. Jeudy leads the team with 1,103 receiving yards and 13 touchdown catches this season. He’s a dangerous weapon for Tagovailoa and could make some big plays against Georgia’s defense.

On defense, linebacker Isaiah Buggs is someone who could make life difficult for Fromm and the Georgia offense. Buggs has 50 tackles and eight sacks this season; he’ll need to get pressure on Fromm if Alabama wants to slow down Georgia’s offense

The coaches

The University of Georgia’s football team is coached by Kirby Smart, and the University of Alabama’s football team is coached by Nick Saban.

The fans

The fans of both teams are intense and loyal. The game is always a sellout, and the fans are evenly divided. Georgia fans are known for their tailgating, and Alabama fans are known for their passion.

The predictions

The predictions for this game are in, and they are not looking good for Alabama. According to ESPN’s Football Power Index, there is a 51.7 percent chance that Georgia will win the game. This number is based on a number of factors, including how the teams have performed so far this season and how they have fared against each other in the past.

The aftermath

It has been nearly a week since the game, and Alabama fans are still celebrating their team’s win. Georgia fans, on the other hand, are trying to forget the game ever happened. The two fan bases have been trash talking each other since the final whistle blew, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. Only time will tell if this rivalry is here to stay or if it will fizzle out like so many others before it.

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