What Is The Score Of The Chiefs Game?

Similarly, Who is favored in the Chiefs game on Sunday?

On Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs will play in the AFC Championship Game. According to Tipico Sportsbook, the Chiefs are a 7.5-point favorite in the contest. The money line for the game, which will be contested at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, is Kansas City -340.

Also, it is asked, How old is Patrick Mahomes?

26 years old (Septem.) Age: Patrick Mahomes II

Secondly, Who is favored to win Chiefs?

In the current Chiefs vs. Bengals odds from Caesars Sportsbook, Kansas City is a seven-point favorite, while the total points scored over/under is 54.5.

Also, Who is the underdog in the Chiefs game?

The Chiefs are a -330 money line favorite, while the Steelers are a +265 underdog. The game’s total has been set at 54 points.

People also ask, What are the odds on the Bills Chiefs game?

Moneyline. The Chiefs are -120 underdogs, while the Bills are +100 favorites. The Bills are favored by 55 percent of the handle and 64 percent of total bets.

Related Questions and Answers

Are Rams favored to win?

Los Angeles Rams Odds Betting They are currently big favorites to win the game at SoFi Stadium on the moneyline.

How tall is Brady?

6′ 4″ Height of Tom Brady

How old is Cameron Newton?

32 years old (.) Age of Cam Newton

How old is Derek Carr?

31 years old (Ma.) Age / Derek Carr

How many points is Kansas City favored by?

In the current Bills vs. Chiefs odds from Caesars Sportsbook, Kansas City is a two-point favorite, and the total points scored over-under is 54.

How many points is kc favored?

Stats and trends for the Chiefs So far this season, the Chiefs have a 5-4 ATS record as a favorite of 7 points or more in nine games. This year, Kansas City has gone over in 63.2 percent of its chances (12 times over 19 games with a set point total)

Who is favored to win Bucs or Rams?

Moneyline. Buccaneers are -145 favorites, while Rams are +125 underdogs. The Rams are favored to win with 59 percent of the handle and 57 percent of total bets.

Who is favored to win Rams vs Bucs?

Bay Area

How tall is Patrick Mahomes?

6′ 3″ Height of Patrick Mahomes II

Who won the Super Bowl 2021?

Buccaneers of Tampa Bay Champion of Super Bowl LV The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a Florida-based professional American football club. The Buccaneers are a member of the National Football Conference South division and participate in the National Football League. Wikipedia

How many Super Bowls have the Rams been too?

Prior to Super Bowls 53 and 56, the LA Rams’ last participation was in Super Bowl 14 on Jan. 20, 1980, when they were defeated by the Steelers 31-19. It’s worth noting that the Rams have only won one Super Bowl in their two appearances.

How many Super Bowls did the Rams go to?

Despite their presence in Super Bowl LIII during the 2018 season, the Rams have just four Super Bowl appearances in their history: 2018, 2001, 1999, and 1979.

How tall is Michael Strahan?

6′ 5″ Height of Michael Strahan

How tall is Bridget Moynahan?

5′ 10″ Height of Bridget Moynahan

How heavy is Tom Brady?

225 lbs Weight / Tom Brady

How Much Is Cam Newton worth?

75 million dollars

How old is Teddy Bridgewater?

29 years old (Novem.) Teddy Bridgewater (Age: ) chevalier

How old is Tom Brady?

44 years old (Aug) Age of Tom Brady

How old is Jalen hurts?

23 years old (Aug) Age / Jalen Hurts

How old is Lamar Jackson?

a quarter-century (Janu) Age of Lamar Jackson

How much does Derek Carr bench?

Derek Carr: Combine Instant Reaction and Results Bench press HeightWeight 6’2″ 214 lbs N/ANFL.com 1 row more

Who has the best odds to win the Super Bowl?

The Chiefs of Kansas City

What are the odds the chargers win the Super Bowl?

Los Angeles’ Super Bowl chances increased after these additions, going from 20-to-1 (+2000) to 15-to-1 (+1500), tying them with the Cowboys and Browns, according to Tipico Sportsbook.

Are the Chiefs favored to win Sunday?

Sunday’s NFL postseason divisional-round game odds for the Kansas City Chiefs. According to Tipico Sportsbook, the Chiefs are a 1.5-point favorite in this matchup.

Who is favored to go to the Superbowl?

Betting Strategy, Futures, Lines, and Props Buffalo is the favorite to win the Super Bowl, with odds of approximately +650 at most bookmakers. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs are also towards the top of most Super Bowl betting boards, with Tom Brady returning as quarterback for another season.

How old is Gronkowski?

32 years old (.) Age of Rob Gronkowski

How much do you win if you bet $100 on the Rams?

The Rams are -200 favorites in this game, while the Bengals are +165 favorites. To win $100, you’d have to wager $200 on the Rams, regardless of their margin of victory. A $100 wager on the Bengals to win straight up against the Rams would earn $165.

Who is Rams quarterback?

Stafford, Matthew Wolford, John Perkins, Bryce

Did Mahomes get married?

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews, his longtime girlfriend, have married. On Saturday, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback married Matthews in Hawai’i. Since they met as students at Whitehouse (Texas) High School, Mahomes and Matthews have been dating.

How tall is Cameron Newton?

6′ 5″ Height of Cam Newton

How much is Travis Kelce weigh?

Travis Kelce / Weight: 260 pounds

What is Tom Brady net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the supermodel turned businesswoman has a net worth of $400 million. The quarterback’s longevity in the NFL is unusual. The average NFL quarterback’s career lasts 4.44 years, according to Statista.com. Brady seemed unfazed by the statistic.

Who won the 202 Super Bowl?


How did Chiefs score in 13 seconds?

He kept it for himself. He led a go-ahead touchdown drive with 62 seconds remaining, nailing Hill over the middle. He’d guided the game-tying field goal drive with 13 seconds remaining. On the Chiefs’ first drive in overtime, he marched them 75 yards for the game-winning touchdown, an 8-yard throw to Kelce.

Who won between Kansas City and Buffalo Bills?

Chiefs of Kansas City

How many Super Bowls do Bengals have?

The Bengals have been in three Super Bowls and are headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio (1982, 1989, and 2022)


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