How To Get Refund For Steam Game?

How Do I Get A Steam Game Refund? Log in to your Steam account at Select “A Purchase” from the drop-down menu. Click on the name of the game or other item for which you want a refund. Choose why you’d want a refund for the purchase. Select “I’d like to seek a refund.” from the drop-down menu.

Similarly, How do I claim a refund on Steam?

Log in to your Steam account and go to Steam Help ( After you’ve logged in, go to and click. Purchases. Locate the purchase you want to return and click on it. Choose the issue you’re experiencing with the product from the drop-down menu. After that, click.

Also, it is asked, Is Steam refund guaranteed?

You’ll get a refund if you bought the game for less than one dollar and played it for less than two hours.

Secondly, Can I get a Steam refund after 2 hours?

Valve will give a refund for any game that has been played for less than 2 hours and is requested within 14 days of purchase at

Also, How do I request a refund?

Go to on your computer. Go to Order History and click on it. Locate the order you’d want to return. Choose Request a refund or Report an issue, then the option that best fits your circumstance.

People also ask, How long do Steam refunds take?

up to seven days

Related Questions and Answers

Do Steam refunds go to your wallet?

The refund will be sent in Steam Wallet money or using the same payment method as was used to make the transaction. If Steam is unable to provide a refund through your original payment method for whatever reason, the whole amount will be reimbursed to your Steam Wallet.

How do I sell my game on Steam?

There are various ways to selling a game you’ve created on Steam: Steam will give you digital documents to read and sign once you’ve registered your interest in the service. You will be asked to pay a deposit for the app. After that, you’ll have to deal with documentation from both your bank and the IRS.

Can Steam refuse a refund?

Steam nearly never refuses a refund as long as the money is sent to your Steam wallet rather than your credit card. There are many causes for this. They also don’t have to worry about bank fees, so they don’t lose money.

Does Steam lose money on refunds?

The Steam system primarily helps gamers, but it also profits Steam. Although self-evident, it’s worth noting that Steam’s return charges are quite low (as they are for any other retailer of digital goods). Valve just loses its 20-30% income share (which may vary depending on the game’s sales) for each refund.

What happens if you refund too much on Steam?

It’s not about you. Refunds are intended to mitigate the risk of buying products on Steam, not to provide access to free games. If we believe you are misusing refunds, we may cease providing them to you.

Does Steam count AFK hours?

If you don’t use Steam for an extended length of time, it will put you to AFK. It solely keeps track of its own activity, so if you’re playing a game that doesn’t utilize Steam or its overlay, Steam will have no idea what you’re up to.

How many times can you refund a game on Steam?

While there is no official figure for how many games you may return before getting the notice, it seems to happen after five refunds in six months. “You’ve sought a lot of refunds lately,” the customary warning notice reads.

Does Steam refund games after 3 hours?

Refunds are only available for games that have been played for less than 2 hours and have been purchased within the last 14 days. It must be less than 2 hours played as well as less than 14 days after purchase. A refund will not be given if the game is played for more than 3 hours.

How do I get my money back from an online purchase?

You may challenge the charge as a billing mistake if you never received your order and the charge shows on your credit card account. File a dispute with your credit card provider online or over the phone. Send a letter to the address mentioned for billing disputes or mistakes to safeguard any rights you may have.

Can you refund DLC on Steam?

It’s also straightforward to get a refund for digital items. Go to the Steam support page and choose the basic game of the DLC you’d want to reinstall. Select the Steam DLC to be reimbursed and “It’s not what I anticipated.” or something like. You will then be given the option to seek a refund.

Does PayPal refund money if scammed?

You can rely on our protection. If you don’t get the item you purchased, or it arrives materially different from what was described, you may be eligible for Purchase Protection, in which case we’ll refund you the entire purchase price plus any original shipping expenses, subject to certain rules and conditions.

Why does Steam refund take 24 hours?

The initial transaction is cancelled and the charge disappears from your bank account when a refund request is authorized within 24 hours of the purchase. There will be no credit on your account in this scenario. This procedure might take up to ten days, depending on the foreign payment option.

Is it better to refund to Steam wallet or card?

blue boi’s original post was as follows: Why has it taken so long? That is the case; if you need a quick return, utilize Steam wallet funds. If you click on the pending amount in Steam, it will inform you when that money is accessible again.

How long does it take to be refunded?

Procedure for obtaining a refund of taxes Type of delivery Delivery time (from the time the tax return is submitted to the time it is received) IRSE-file with direct deposit as a source 1 to 3 weeks File on paper with direct transfer 1 to 3 weeks E-file, and a refund cheque will be sent to you. 6 to 8 weeks 1 more row to go

How do I convert Steam wallet to cash?

No, monies in your wallet cannot be transferred or withdrawn to a bank account. When a Steam Wallet code is redeemed on an account, the monies in the wallet are linked to that account. If you want to purchase Steam Wallet money for another user, you must first acquire a Steam Wallet code.

Can I sell Steam games back?

Steam games have never been able to be resold. You only buy a license to play the game, and that license is connected to the account you used to buy it.

Do I own my games on Steam?

Your games do not belong to you. You’re renting those games, whether you purchased them via Steam, Origin, or any other digital download provider that needs a real account to play them. There’s no assurance that you’ll be able to keep renting them.

How do Steam returns work?

The refund will be sent in Steam Wallet money or using the same payment method as was used to make the transaction. If Steam is unable to provide a refund through your original payment method for whatever reason, the whole amount will be reimbursed to your Steam Wallet.

What game has the most playtime?

648 hours in Skyrim (still haven’t encountered Paarthurnax in the main plot). Civ V takes 332 hours to complete. 273 hours in CSGO Borderlands 2 takes 246 hours to complete. Shadowrun Returns takes 142 hours to complete.

Can you refund a game on Steam after 2 weeks?

No, was the response. No, and no, and no, and no, and no, and no, and no Neither game meets the criteria for a special exemption. Despite what the refund FAQ claims (“even if you don’t fit under the refund restrictions we’ve explained, you may still ask for a refund and we’ll look into it”), it’s clear that Valve will routinely deny such requests.

What happens if you decline Steam gift?

If you choose Decline Gift, the original giver will get a reimbursement. When you refuse a gift, you may optionally provide a message; whether you do or not, we’ll contact the sender to let them know the gift was denied.

How long can you play a game before you can refund it?

It’s also a short game, which at least one player took advantage of by finishing it in under two hours and then returning it to Steam for a refund. Users may return games for any reason “within two weeks of purchase and with less than two hours of gameplay” according to Steam’s refund policy.

Is there any way to get money back after being scammed?

Inform your bank of the situation as soon as possible and inquire for a refund. If you’ve sent money to someone as a result of a fraud, most institutions will repay you.


Steam does not offer refunds, but it is possible to get a refund from the retailer. This process can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the retailer.

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