How Long Is 12 Minutes Game?

The game is anticipated to take a player between 6 and 8 hours to finish, despite the fact that the primary loop only lasts 10 minutes in real time.

Similarly, Is 12 Minutes a short game?

The top-down view of the game may give the impression that it is an easy game, but the dramatic time loop sounds anything but simple. Twelve Minutes should end up offering players roughly eight hours of playing, but there will probably be a lot of trial and error involved.

Also, it is asked, How long does 12 Minutes take to finish?

It will typically take 6 to 8 hours to finish 12 Minutes.

Secondly, What is the meaning of 12 Minutes game?

In Twelve Minutes, a policeman is on his way to murder you and your wife, and you have 12 minutes to stop him before he kills you both. You will play an adventure game as you solve a series of riddles to get out of the loop, learning more about the connections and motives of the characters along the way.

Also, How do you solve the 12 minute game?

0:0612:28 Actually concludes; all alternative conclusions are deemed conclusions, and you are awarded an accomplishment. Then, more Actually concludes; all alternative conclusions are deemed conclusions, and you are awarded an accomplishment. You would restart after that. You know I’m not going to count it because of the day or the fact that you reset the clock.

People also ask, What is the goal in 12 Minutes?

The primary objective of the game is to repeat the loop while using hints and outside influences (such the light switch electrocuting anybody who switches it on a second time) to solve the mystery. Up until the dramatic turn at the conclusion, the clues seem to fit together like parts of a jigsaw puzzle, but then nothing makes sense.

Related Questions and Answers

How many endings are in 12 minutes?

Seven possible endings can be found in Twelve Minutes, however only a handful of them represent the actual resolution of the whole narrative.

Should I play 12 minutes?

Despite its flaws, Twelve Minutes is one of the very few games that I think everyone should play. Even if its recurrence leads to Pavlovian conditioning, it will provide an experience that many people won’t like, comprehend, or be able to figure out, but it will stick with you for a very long time.

Why is a time loop in 12 Minutes?

0:423:01 While 12 minutes has been shown several times in various phases in the last few years, More Although 12 Minutes has been demoed several times in various phases of development over the last few years, its gameplay hasn’t altered much.

Can you break the loop in 12 Minutes?

No matter what, the cycle simply continues going, and the only way to stop it is to understand the central truth of this tale. If you pay close attention, you will notice that something changes as the tale goes on. Something simply doesn’t seem right. After each loop, there is only one unique item.

How do you convince bumblebee in 12 Minutes?

Call Bumblebee on the phone and let her know your wife is innocent. The policeman will then be persuaded to listen to your side of the story by Bumblebee by calling him just before he enters the room. This step is essential for all future runs in which you attempt to speak with the officer when he arrives.

How do you start a 12 minute game?

For 12 minutes, 10 Beginner’s Tips 10 When anything fails, leave the house. 9 Always attempt to build up to the next loop. 8 Discuss everything openly with everyone. 7 Put the game on hold while you decide what to do. 6 In the first loop, take a good, hard look around. 5 Try To Learn Something New Instead Of Finishing The Game.

How do you fast forward in 12 minutes?

In 12 Minutes, there are two methods to fast-forward. To hide in the closet is the first option. Open the closet door by clicking on it, enter the space, and then click the door once again to shut it. If your wife notices you entering the closet, she will inquire as to what you are doing, but she won’t stop you from hiding.

How do I learn the nanny 12 Minutes?

Open the drawer and look for the onesie to find out what the nanny’s name is in 12 Minutes. After that, observe as your wife and the police officer discuss the evening her father passed away. The policeman will eventually promise to look into the nanny. Present him with the onesie at that moment.

How do you get the groundhog at the end of 12 Minutes?

2:052:58 She will then say, “Follow me into the bedroom,” after giving you a brief embrace. Do that, and after that More She will then say, “Follow me into the bedroom,” after giving you a brief embrace. Do that, and the remainder will be a cut scene after you are on the bed. Additionally, you will succeed.

Is 12 Minutes a good game reddit?

Due to its enormous number of branches, the creative, intricate, thick, and highly clever point-and-click adventure 12 Minutes never ceases to surprise. 12 Minutes is an exceptional and uncommon experience in every sense, served by a gifted and well toned ensemble.

Can you play 12 Minutes with friends?

Although Twelve Minutes might become boring and monotonous, playing it with a companion is considerably more fun. The game begins rather simply.

What type of game is 12 Minutes?

interactive suspense

Where is the vent in the bathroom in 12 minutes?

Go into the restroom and shut the door behind you when your wife kisses you and leaves. Toggle the medical cabinet on. Look down to the bottom of the screen once you are inside the cabinet. Click the vent prompt that you should see.

What is the twist in 12 minutes?

The game ultimately discloses the truth in the end, after torturing the player for hours: the husband is really also the son of the wife’s father, who had an affair with his nanny. That essentially suggests that their connection is incestuous since he is his wife’s half-brother.

How do you get your phone in 12 minutes?

One of the phone connections you can make in twelve minutes is Bumblebee. Information about how to get it is provided below. You need to get Bumblebee’s number in order to unlock some of the endings in Twelve Minutes. You may input the number 413-555-0193 on the keypad of your phone (this one is in your clothes, in the closet).

How do you get Bumblebee to call her dad?

You may locate a phone in the bag next to the clothing in the closet. Fortunately, you’ll remember her phone number from the last time you contacted her, so click “Call Bumblebee” on the right-hand side to connect with her. Say your wife is being sought by her father when she answers the phone.

Does Twelve Minutes save progress?

On a single game save, Twelve Minutes happens. Progress is stored with each entire cycle but cannot be manually saved. You may reset your progress if you wish to start the journey again because you missed some speech or the responses of characters you can no longer relate to.

How do I know if my Bumblebee is my wife innocent?

4:158:42 Yes, Bumblebee, don’t worry; I’ve got this. I cherish you. That is more acceptable. Him. Then isMore Yes, Bumblebee, don’t worry; I’ve got this. I cherish you. That is more acceptable. Him. Is he the one? What should we do, knock on the door? If you wish to speak, we need to let him know.

How do you show the cop onesie?

After tying the officer up and shooting him in the leg with his pistol, search his body for the handcuffs. Then, after you show him the onesie with Dahlia’s name, he will vouch for its accuracy. This will start a new scene that provides some fresh details and move the plot forward.

How do you find out who the brother is 12 minutes?

Let the action unfold, and your wife will use the Polaroid to show you that she is not responsible for the murder. The officer will describe his plan, your wife will hand the watch to him, and at some point the word “monster” will be spoken. This will cause your wife to clarify that it was the brother’s nickname.

Is 12 Minutes free on Xbox?

Yes, in a nutshell. From the first day that 12 Minutes is released for PC, Cloud, and Xbox Consoles, it is included in Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass is available for as low as $10 a month on PCs and consoles, while Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is exclusive to Xbox Consoles and costs $15, also comes with an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

How do I tell my wife where my watch is in 12 minutes?

As soon as the loop begins, run and hide in the closet so your wife won’t realize you’ve entered the apartment and you may locate the watch in 12 Minutes. If you do it right, the policeman will enter as normal and simply question the wife.

How do you call Bumblebee?

1:427:53 As soon as you’ve done that, you have the choice of naming him the Truth Bumblebee. More When you have already phoned, spoken with, or viewed at the police officer’s phone, an option to call him the truth bumblebee appears.

How to restart 12 Minutes after alone ending?

The watch is still concealed by the bathroom vent. To manually adjust the clock’s hand to two minutes before the full hour, first open the vent with your key. You may also always choose to reset your progress from the settings menu.


The “12 minutes game walkthrough” is a short and simple game that can be played in 12 minutes. The goal of the game is to find all the hidden objects within 12 minutes.

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